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Our Services include:
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Our Services
Maximize your most important resource
When choosing a dental laboratory to handle the cosmetic needs of your most precious resource, your patients, consider the level of knowledge and artistry you want built into your patient's prosthetics.

The art of layering porcelain crowns can bring the finished restoration to life, providing the patient with the most pleasing aesthetic results.

Maxillary 12-unit splint utilizing the layering techniques of porcelain modifiers and Enamels capable of supplying the Range of color and translucency required simulating natural dentition.




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Today's crown and bridge patient is more concerned about natural aesthetics than ever before. Patients simply want to look their best, so the pressure on the dentist to meet their high expectations is extreme. Few patients today will tolerate gold collars and other metal displays. With the Sirona Cerec inLab ® system, several different milling blocks can be used for all aesthetic clinical applications. It's indicated for aesthetic full crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers.

What is the future of C&B, restorations?
In a word, Zirconia (4 unit yttrium zirconia
This strong bicompatible esthetic radiopaque cementable material is being embraced by dentists and it's driving the demand for CAD/CAM systems used to mill and fabricate zirconium frameworks.

Back to TopVision, planning for success
Professional Dental Laboratory provides prosthetic services and restorations that are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.
We are committed to meeting the needs of Dentists and their patients with implants, precision attachments, advanced equipment and the trained personnel to provide the highest quality prosthetics available.

Advanced equipment and trained Personnel, Where experience and Technology come together to provide quality prosthesis available.

10 unit splint with precision
Mill-ins on lingual of bicuspids

10 unit splint
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The framework design forms the first link in the success of the implant supported prosthesis. Since the design begins with the gold cylinder or custom abutment, which becomes the foundation for the wax pattern, the waxer must be cognizant of the requirements necessary to successfully design a full arch implant supported framework. This means providing adequate support for the ceramic or resin material to be used. Supporting structures must be in harmony with the opposing dentition to prevent shearing forces. The tolerance of implant systems metal sub structure has to be a passive fit so that no torque is placed on the bone anchored implants. The fixed implant supported prosthesis should resemble the natural teeth and restore proper form and function.
implant wax-up with shouldered abutments
A completed wax-up utilizing Integral 4mm shouldered Abutments.
Photos by: Dr. Lawrence Dario DMD, Dr. Martin Metzger and Richard Brough, CDT
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